U17 Players Flourishing

What a year it has been so far for Young Stars U17’s, this team had a very difficult season playing an age group above to provide a stem competition for them. There were up to the task from day one and were ready to give any opposition a game to think about. However due to certain circumstances most of the team kept dropping out on different match days leaving the team short of players on most occasions which put the team at a further disadvantage adding to the age difference. One thing that was constant was a group of players (I call them the real ones) that were fully dedicated to the team, most of these players turned up to every game no matter the weather,venue, or circumstances and in some cases even when they were not 100% fit. This players ensured they followed through to their commitment and took the opportunities provided for them and made the best situation out of it (playing against older players and having less players for most of the game) which made them stronger and better players in my opinion. These 7 players were picked by Young Stars Management Limited to attend trails with professional football clubs because of their dedication to training and games “not to mention the skills these players possess”. Today we are proud to announce that 4 out of the 7 players have received contracts from Brentford Fc, Colchester Fc, and Sutton Fc so far and we are still feeling positive about the other 3 players getting something soon fingers crossed.

Go On Boys !!! We all at Young Stars Football First are extremely proud of you guys, keep the flag flying high and the real work has just began for these Young Stars….. Hard work pays, Keep working hard to rip the benefits.

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